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Deatail of Colleart print



The students, who worked on this project, researched the paintings and wrote the catalogue entries and the theme texts are:
Helen Bancevicz (Hoogstraten, Guilds)
Alexander Grieve (Delen, Realism)
Kathy Iliffe (Luydingh)
Victoria Irvine (Maes, Rendering of matter)
Suzanne Laurie (Collier)
Graham Lister (Dujardin, Studio with contributions of Victoria Irvine and Erma Hermens)
Gerry Mercer (Leemans, Still life)
Hannah O’Leary (Wouwerman, Market)
Heather Penman (Mor, Portraiture)
Angela Prenter (Sorgh, Genre)
Elise Ann Robinson (Weenix, Landscape)
Charlene Tinney (Carree)
Celine Valligny (Cruys)

We are indebted to Peter Black (Curator of Dutch and Italian paintings and prints, Hunterian Art Gallery) for assisting in the research on the paintings and providing information on the print collection, Aileen Nisbet and Robert Armstrong (conservation technicians, Hunterian Art Gallery) for making the examination of the paintings possible, deframing and framing them, Dr Emilie Gordenker (senior curator Dutch and Flemish Paintings, National Gallery, Edinburgh) for her many advises on Dutch Costume, Staff from the Special collections, Glasgow University Library for a special session on Emblem books, Dr Erma Hermens our tutor who edited the texts. Above all we want to thank Dr Ian Anderson (HATII, Glasgow University) who put in a lot of time to create this great website.

We are also indebted to the Hunterian Art Gallery, National Gallery London, Royal Picture Gallery The Mauritshuis, The Hague for permission to reproduce some of their paintings.